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Improve the document storage system of a business application

IT-Hochschulpraktikum für Studierende



Projekt Zeitplan:


180 Stunden

Ausgangslage und Problemstellung

ePlix is an innovative Swiss web app optimizing pension management. In this IT internship, you'll address a common issue: MSSQL databases storing PDFs, causing increased size and slower backups/restorations. The goal is to design and implement a solution that migrates the PDF document storage system to a high-performance object storage platform.

Ziel der Arbeit und erwartete Resultate

Your task is to design and implement a solution to migrate our PDF storage system to a high-performance object storage platform like MinIO on our existing Kubernetes cluster, linked to Microsoft Azure cloud storage. This project will improve efficiency and is a great learning opportunity for undergrads interested in IT, database management, and cloud computing.

Gewünschte Methoden, Vorgehen

For the successful implementation of this IT internship project, you will need to be familiar with a range of technologies and tools that will help you effectively migrate the ePlix database and introduce the MinIO storage controller. Tehcnologies: Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, ArgoCD, Java, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Testing, SSH, Shell, Linux

Kreativität, Varianten, Innovation

This project provides extensive creative scope, offering several areas to explore innovative solutions: Designing the migration process, Implementing the solution (coding, scripting, or even developing new tools), Optimizing performance (creative solutions for optimizing data storage and retrieval, reducing load times, and improving backup and restoration processes), creative problem-solving methodologies and hands-on learning in IT, database management, and cloud computing

Anforderungen, Vorkenntnisse

To successfully implement this IT internship project, a university candidate student should possess a strong foundation in the following areas: Cloud technologies, Containerization and orchestration, Database Management, Software Development Lifecycle, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), Git, Linux.

The project involves working with the eFrame's cloud infrastructure, code repositories and requires 1-2 weeks on-site presence at eFrame's office in Schwyz, after November 2023 in Rotkreuz.

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